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Since its inception, the School of Classical Ballet has been dedicated to providing quality dance instruction appropriate for the age and physical development of each student.  The School provides a diversified program that meets not only the needs of those who seek a fun, creative, and challenging environment, but also those who wish to pursue a professional dance career.

The School of Classical Ballet offers classes in a variety of dance genres including Ballet, Pointe, Modern, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop,Tap, Pre Ballet, Musical Theater, and Creative Movement. 


Our Location 

SCB is excited to have new studio spaces located at Montana Dance Center, 701 Daniel Street. The Center has four new studios with state-of-the-art sprung floors, kitchen area, stretch room, and comfortable waiting area for parents.There is nowhere else like it so come see the amazing new space for yourself!


SCB News


        First  rehearsal will be at the YWCA with San Diego Ballet Director Robin 

          Costume fittings at ABT (Dancers should enter through stage door in the alley)
          Party Children: 9:30-10:00
           Fight Scene (soldiers & cavalry):      10:00-11:00
           Gingersnaps     11:00-11:30
           Garlands            11:00-11:30
           Snow, Flowers, Merliton, Chinese: 11:30-12:30 
          Baby & Jr. Rats & Baby Dolls:  5:00
           Sugarbabes, Candycanes, Bears, Sheep, Ladies in Waiting 5:30 

        Rehearsal at SCB ACT 1: 12:30-2:45
          Arrive at 12:30:  Party Children, Clara, Baby Dolls - approx ending at 1:45
  Arrive at 1:30: Baby & Jr. Rats Soldiers, Cavalry : approx ending at 2:15
           Arrive at  2:00  Snowflakes: approx ending at 2:30
        Rehearsal at SCB ACT 2: 2:30-4:15  
        Clara, Sugar Babes, Candy Canes, Ladies In Waiting, Sheep:  approx ending at 3:15        
           Chinese, Merliton,  Russian Bears, Garland Girls, Gingersnaps, Flowers, Finale: approx ending at 4:00 

        Friday Dress Rehearsal ABT 
        5:00-7:00 staging/blocking with company both casts**
           7:00-10:00 Full rehearsal with Billings Orchestra Saturday Cast onstage (Sunday may watch)**
           Dancers just in Act I may be excused after intermission and notes.
           Act I usually finish about 8:30. Act II is usually done by about 9:45.

          Dress Rehearsal ABT   1:30-4:00                
          1:30-4:00 Dress & Orchestra rehearsal Sunday Cast**(Saturday cast may watch)
           ACT I:  PARTY SCENE 12:30 with hair and make up ready.  FIGHT SCENE 12:45 hair and make up on.
           ACT II:  at theater by 1:00  hair and make up on.

         Performance at 7:00p.m
           ACT I  PARTY SCENE arriving at 6:00 with hair and make up. FIGHT SCENE & SNOW  6:15
           ACT II  arriving at 6:30 with hair and make up.

SUNDAY November 30th
          Performance at 2:00p.m.
           Act I arriving at 1:00 with hair and make up. Fight Scene 1:15
           Act II arriving at 1:30
Dancers should arrive with hair and make on for dress rehearsal Saturday and for performances. as there is very little room back stage. 
Basic make up for girls: make up base, eye brow, lashes, little blush, natural colored lipstick. No jewelry or nai polish on stage

            Parents should pick up & drop of dancers at ABT at the  stage door in the alley.            
           *Only parents helping back stage are allowed in the theater during rehearsals*
           Please know that there is no video taping or photography allowed during rehearsals or 
           performances. We can take pictures back stage. 
If the dancers are only in the first half of the show they may be excused to either sit with their parents during the second half or to go home but please be sure they are checked out before they leave the theater.

Dancers should bring a bag of some kind to put their belongs in. Water bottle recommended also games, books, or something for younger students to do while they are waiting to perform.
                           Please put name inside dance cloths and shoes.

                                      NUTCRACKER CAST LIST 2019 

CLARA: Madelynn Hust
Understudy: Aundrea Johnson

FRITZ: Catherine Hopfensberger

PARTY GIRLS: Isabella Collender, Elizabeth Cutright, Claire Foot, Audrey Mills, Syra Neil, Sephora Jones, Loretta Queen, Aspen LaMont, Ava Rockwell, Alia Russell, Brynn Sogaard

PARTY BOYS: Isabel Haub, Nicholas Kays, Justice Kitts, Madison Low, Vaness Hunt, Teddy Rentz, Elise Venable

BABY DOLLS: Abigale Billstein, Thomas Hopfensperger, Dacey Oleyte

SENIOR SOLDIERS: Ivee Brown, Brittyn Boyce,Taylor Gasvoda, Olivia Kieger, Ruby Hampton, Elizabeth Hopfensperger, Austynn Schweitzer, Kaylee Swander, Anna Walsh 

JUNIOR SOLDIERS: Mattie Barrett, Atley Bausch, Catherine Cutright, Isabella Edwards, Stella Loran, Kallie Peterman

CAVALRY: Josie McPhail, Daisha Oleyte

BABY RATS: Isabella Edwards, Maezi Harris 

JUNIOR RATS: Nora Arbogast,Tabitha Holmes, Sophie Venable

SNOW: Emilee Brown, Kayla Christensen, Eliana Davila, Katrina Dringman, Madelynn Hust, Olivia Kusek, Marlee O’Toole, Meredith Rentz, Lila Virostko, Maya Walling, Jordyn Walsh

SUGAR BABES: Parker Boschert, Kabella Edwards, Everly Gilmore, Mia Hoppe, Lexi Parlovick, Ayla Swander, Alexandria Sawyer

LADIES IN WAITING: Rose Johnson, Sacred Degges

CANDY CANES: Rosie Engels, Maezi Harris

CHINESE: Madelynn Hust Understudy: Olivia Kusek

RUSSIAN BEARS:Ella Charette, Isabella Collender, Elizabeth Cutright ,Elizabeth Hopfensperger, Sephora Jones, Audrey MIlls, Alia Russell, Ellie Stratton

MERLITONS: Katrina Dringman Understudies: Emilee Brown, Marlee O’Toole

SHEEP: Abigale Billstein,Gary Cox, Susie Cox, Jenetzia Flores, Gabby Gomez,Gwenny Gauger, Thomas Hopfensperger, Dacey Oleyte, Bree Pepper

GINGERSNAPS: Catherine Cutright, Catherine Hopfensperger, Cammie Koch, Mia Madach, Josie McPhail ,Daisha Oleyte, Navy Taylor, Maci Yarina

GARLAND: Janie Hallowell, Ruby Hampton, Chloe Hartman, Ainslie Hoke, Aundrea Johnson, Olivia Kusek, Emma Leffler, Meredith Rentz

GARLAND:Claire Foote, Olivia Krieger, Olivia Mackenzie, Mariana Rivera Rosas, Brynn Sogaard, Kaylee Swander, Anna Walsh Understudies: Ivee Brown, Brittyn Boyce, Austynn Schweitz

PETALS & FINALE: Emilee Brown, Kayla Christensen, Eliana Davila, Katrina Dringman, Marlee O’Toole, Lila Virostko, Maya Walling ,Jordyn Walsh






                                                     October 18,19 & 20 in Butte



Montana Dance Arts Association is a non profit group that puts on two week end workshops a year. One the third weekend of Oct. and the other in the spring usually April. They bring in amazing guest teachers from around the country to educate Montana Dancers for fun filled dance weekends. They also provide scholarships to talented young MT dancers and teachers to further their studies at prestigious summer dance programs.  Ballet, Jazz, Modern,Tap, Hip Hop and more are taught during these weekend workshops (Oct/Apr), which are held in the various major MT cities. Workshops are open to students ages 9 and up, with at least 2 years dance experience. The spring workshop offers classes and holds adjudications for students wanting to try for scholarships to study at various summer dance intensives around the United States.  


APRIL 6TH MADco Show Case at Lewis and Clark 





May 16,17 &18  ( Rehearsals & performance)


Thursday, May 16th for Fri.  May 17th night performance

Saturday  May 18th for Sat. May 18th night performance



Friday, May 17th & Saturday,May 18th at 6:30pm








Hiplet Ballerinas February 25 at Lincoln Center 7:00pm                                    Under Artistic Director and Founder Homer Hans Bryant, a former dancer with the Dance Theater of Harlem, Hiplet Ballerinas is the only company in the world to perform the signature trademark style. Hiplet Ballerinas of Chicago fuse classical pointe technique with African, Latin, Hip-Hop, and urban dance styles rooted in communities of color. Promoting inclusivity in both their casts and audience, Hiplet features true-toned tights, modern music, and dancers of all shapes, sizes, and colors.


Finding Neverland (Musical) April 2 at 7:30

Finding Neverland tells the incredible story behind one of the world's most beloved characters : Peter Pan , Playwright J.M. Barrie struggles to find inspiration until he meets four young brothers and their beautiful widowed mother. Spellbound by the boys' enchantinmake-believe adventures, he sets out to write a play that will astound London theatergoers. With a llittle bit of pixie dust and a lot of faith, Barrie takes this monumental leap, leaving this world behind for Neverland where nothing is impossible and the wonder of childhood lsts forever. 






MADCo is a community-based dance company for dancers ages 8-18 with a minimum of two years dance experience co sponsored by Montana Dance Center and School of Classical Ballet.

This is a performing company of young people, offering professional performance opportunities for children and, in so doing, provides powerful and playful dance performances accessible to people of all ages. Performances will include professional theaters, Dance Showcase, School Performances, and other Venues. 

Company Directors:  Julia Marble, Carly Green, & Betty Loos

Check us out at

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 Annual Showcase - Saturday,April 6th 2019 at Lewis & Clark Middle School



Senior Company:  Emilee Brown, Helena Brown, Kayla Christensen, Eliana Davila, Haylee Haarr, Madelynn Hust, Olivia Kusek, Brynn Newell, Cora O'Brien, Marlee O,Toole,  Emily Point, Abigail Simpson,  Lila Virostko, Maya Walling, Jordyn Walsh

Junior Company: Abigail Aning, Ivee Brown, Sophia Douglas, Ruby Hampton,Chloe Hartman, Ainslie Hoke, Addison Johns, audrey Mills, Landy Neil, Amelia Petersen,Janie Quandt, Meredith Rentz, Brynn Sogared, Kaylee Swander, layli Virostko