School of Classical Ballet

The best of dance in Billings, Montana

Class Levels

The number of classes recommended per week are indicated by parentheses.

Creative Movement: ages 2 to 5 (1)

Pre-Ballet: ages 6 to 7 (1-2)

Ballet 1: Beginners ages 8+ (1-2)

Ballet 2: Intermediate Beginners (2+)

Ballet 3: Advanced Beginners (2-3+)

Ballet 4: Intermediate (3-4+)

Ballet 5: Intermediate Advanced (4+)

Ballet 6: Advanced (4+)

Ballet 7: Advanced (4+) 

Classes Being Offerred


The School of Classical Ballet provides quality instruction for students ages two through adult.  The class level of students over age eight is governed by individual potential and technical proficiency and not by age or length of dance training.   

Classical Ballet - Daily classes combine the best elements of Cecchetti (Italian) and Vaganova (Russian) training styles to develop a student's artistry and technique.  Students are challenged to push themselves in every class through instruction that combines the tradition of ballet with contemporary training techniques that emphasize healthy dancing.  Classes are strictly graded to ensure the progress of each student.

Pointe - Ballet classes include pointe work for those students who have achieved technical and physical readiness as determined by the instructor.  Students taking pointe class must attend a minimum of two ballet technique classes per week.

Pre-Ballet - Pre-Ballet provides an introduction to Ballet for young dancers ages 6 to 7. Classes are designed to teach the fundamental technical motor skills, musicality, motor coordination, and self-expression through the discipline of ballet.

Creative Movement - Creative movement provides an introduction to dance for young dancers ages two to five.  Classes are designed to enhance creativity, self-expression, motor coordination, and musicality.

Modern - Limon, Graham, Horton, and Cunningham techniques are brought together to provide classes in contemporary movement.  Students are challenged to develop individualized expressiveness and a strong sense of movement along with technique.

Jazz - Classes offer a range of styles from classic to contemporary jazz.  Students develop technique and performance quality.

Hip Hop - Hip hop class provides a structured method of learning various Hip Hop dance movements in a fun-filled and vibrant class environment. The hip hop classes consist of warm-ups and across - the- floor exercises as well as a variety of combinations and urban dance moves from R&B and House to Club and Pop. Our Hip Hop classes utilize clean upbeat music from various genres in addition to the latest Hip Hop hits. The resulting outcome is an energetic class that not only teaches you hip hop movements and technique but also instills rhythm and precision in your muscle memory.

Pilates-Style Mat Workout - Classes are designed to develop strength in the hips, torso, and back through an intense anaerobic, no-impact workout based on Pilates.  Students will acquire strength in the 'core' muscles, which can provide a leaner, longer look, improved posture, reduced lower back pain, and improved sense of movement.  This class is designed for dancers and non-dancers alike, and anyone can benefit from Pilates-based training.

Master Classes - At various times throughout the the year, special guest teachers from all over the country are brought to the School to provide a unique class to the students.  Master classes may be in ballet, modern, or jazz for students in the more advanced training levels.

Private Lessons - Private lessons for exceptional quality and personalized training can be arranged in any dance technique for students of a more advanced level.  Please speak directly with the instructors for this excellent opportunity.  Students are required to be enrolled in curricular dance classes and demonstrate attendance in order to be considered for private training.  


Dress Code

For All Students - Hair must be secured off the neck and away from the face.  Long hair should be pulled back into a pony tail for jazz or modern, or bun for ballet.  Bangs should be pinned back.   Students should not wear dangly jewelry, bracelets, or rings.  These requests are for safety and function.  Inability to follow these recommendations may result in the student being asked to sit out of class and observe.

CLICK HERE for specific attire 


Missed classes can be made up within 60 days of the absence.  Dancers may take a make-up class at their own level or lower.  Instructors must be notified when attendance is to be used as a make-up class.


Performances and Class Observation

Performances are held every year at the end of the academic year.  Upper level students also have opportunities to perform in various community events throughout the year. Information about performances is provided to parents each season. Observation of weekly classes is not permitted without instructor consent.

SCB & Terpsichore Directors have started a Junior Senior Community performing company called Motion Arts Dance Company (MADCO) to give students more opportunities for performing. Check out the home page for more information. Dancers do not have to be SCB students, but must be enrolled in at least two dance classes at a local dance studio.